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Regardless of Residency Status, Don]’t Be Afraid To File A Car Accident Claim

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Regardless of Residency Status, Don’t Be Afraid To File A Car Accident Claim

Many insurance companies use fear tactics with undocumented individuals to frustrate the process and discourage the injured person from completing the claims process.  They know that many undocumented immigrants are afraid that legal actions might affect their status in the country.  They know that they can get away with treating the claim unfairly and so they do. Another dirty trick used by some insurance companies is that they say that they cannot provide compensation because the undocumented immigrants do not have a social security number. This is simply not true.  It is best to get an attorney involved early in the process to assist with dealing with the insurance company to resolve the claim.  The law recognizes that everyone… regardless of immigration status has a right to obtain medical treatment and compensation for injuries caused by the at-fault driver.

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